Originally from Chesire, CT I joined the United States Marine Corps in 1980. During my 20 years of Service, I worked in such positions as Military Police Correctional Specialist/Counselor, Military Security Forces Office of the Joint Staff (Penatgon), Marksmanship Training Instructor, and numerous small duties. I retired in Nov 2000 as a GySgt after 20 years. I am the father of 2 sons, the grandfather of 3 grandchildren and a husband of 32 years.  

 While working in the Marine Corps I took on a part-time position with Century 21 / Fullerton Mortgage, in Oceanside Ca. while working in the Marketing Dept I became knowledgable with the duties of many of the Realtors and Loan Officers. It was until 2016 did I decide to go out and start my own Real Estate Career. 

 I have held numerous positions in life, from a mechanic, to singer, to Audio Engineer to a Table Games Dealer at several local Casinos. At all my positions I brought with me my military work ethics. The same ethics I offer you. My GOAL is to make YOUR GOAL come true.